Saturday, November 29, 2008

2008 Summer Mission Trip

Some beautiful people went to Hedgesville, WV . . .

. . . and all worked hard to build this bridge . . .
. . . for this woman whose access to the road had been cut off by the creek . . . and on our way back home . . .
. . . had some fun visiting Washington, D.C.

Friday, November 28, 2008

“How Do You Like the Parsonage?”

One of the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) my wife and I hear is ‘how do you like the parsonage?’ To this, she and I quickly take turns to respond with words like marvelous, wonderful, very nice, very happy, so spacious, resort-like, and some others as they come to our mind at that particular time.

Although we knew nothing about Palos Heights when our District Superintendent set up a meeting for us with the Staff-Parish Relations Committee, we liked this place from our first trip from Naperville. It was middle of June, and our east-bound drive through 107th St. and 111th St. between Kingery Highway and Harlem Avenue was so beautiful and pleasant. When we first visited the parsonage, we felt as if we were arriving at one of the resort places where we spent our previous family vacations. We said, wow, this could be our summer vacation place with our children next year!

Later we learned that much labor was donated to paint the parsonage, in addition to carpet cleaning and other maintenance works. Then there was Lou Pinto, who came to the parsonage several times to replace malfunctioning thermostat, and later to fix the furnace, replacing and rewiring the control board on his knees for several hours. Howard Pocius and his son Philip came one day to clean gutters, with Howard on the roof with a blower and Philip securing the ladder. Later, Howard came again, this time with his wife Barb, to fix the electric outlet in the master bathroom and to replace a lamp in the staircase leading to the rear entrance, working literally full day on a Saturday.

Every morning as we wake up and every evening as we come home, we are reminded that we owe great debt of love to the ones named here and to all others who did their part in ensuring that the parsonage is maintained in a decent condition.

It will probably be next Spring when we will have an open house. After all, the parsonage is part of the church, and we sure would like to share our joy of living in this wonderful place with you all.

With so much gratitude,
Eunyoung and Eun-Hae Chung

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Let the Children Come to Me"

"Let the children come to me, and don't try to stop them! People who are like these children belong to God's kingdom." (Matthew 19:14)

Suggested Giving Opportunities

Thanksgiving-Christmas 2008

Nothing But Nets
$10 can buy a treated net that will keep a family in Africa safe from Malaria transmitting mosquitoes.

Worth Food Pantry
Our joint on-going ministry with Worth Church to relieve hunger in our neighborhood.

South Suburban PADS
Provides shelter and food for the homeless during October-April.

Africa University
United Methodist affiliated university in Zimbabwe where future leaders are trained for Africa.

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief)
Always ready to respond to emergency relief needs, with 100% of contribution reaching the destination.

Other (please describe)


Dear God, let this Christmas Gift CSR Fund for $________ be part of your love reaching people marked as above.

Name: _________________________________________

How Do You Say 'Thank You' to God ?

The season of Thanksgiving and the month that leads into Christmas are a wonderful time. Families gather, share meals with grateful hearts, and exchange gifts with gladness, all because God blessed us richly in Jesus Christ.

Did you know, however, that this could be a very lonely and forlorn season for many who do not have families, who have to worry about their jobs and mortgage payments, and people in various parts of the world who suffer from poverty, violence, or natural disasters.

It is a time like this when we can live up to our Mission Statement that reads: “Our mission is to be a living expression of the life and love of Jesus Christ by caring, sharing, and reaching out to others through God’s grace.”

Here is my proposal to do just that. Starting from the day of Thanksgiving, whenever you go out to eat, set 10% of the dollar amount into your “CSR (Caring, Sharing, and Reaching Out) Fund,” and bring it as your gift to Christ on Sunday December 21st. You may carry an index card in your wallet to keep the tally.

Included herewith is the Suggested Giving Opportunities. You may check one or more of them, or specify your own ideas.

Let us be thankful to God, and let us show our thankfulness to God by sharing part of our blessing with others.

Pastor Chung
2008 Thanksgiving

Should Churches Have Thresholds?

Thresholds are just there whether we like them or not.

The first threshold must be low to non-existent.
Anyone and everyone should be welcome.

The second threshold must present a meaningful challenge.
It takes time and effort to attain healthy and holistic spirituality.

Come the way you are.

Expect great things from God.